Guide to Awareness Ribbons - Colors and Meanings

Create public awareness to health, medical conditions, disability, and other issues with various colored ribbons. Awareness ribbons are used globally as a way for wearers of the ribbon(s) to make a statement of support for a particular cause or issue. Find your cause color below with our handy list of awareness ribbon colors and their meanings.

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Red Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Red Ribbon:
HIV/AIDS Awareness
Heart Disease Awareness

Lavender Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Lavender Ribbon:
Epilepsy Awareness

White Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Pearl or White Ribbon:
Lung Cancer Awareness

Periwinkle Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Periwinkle Ribbon:
Eating Disorder Awareness
Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness

Yellow Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Yellow Ribbon:
Support of U.S. troops
Suicide Awareness

Gray Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Gray Ribbon:
Diabetes Awareness
Brain Cancer Awareness
Asthma Awareness

Blue Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Blue Ribbon:
Colon Cancer Awareness
Huntington's Disease Awareness

Black Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Black Ribbon:
Melanoma Awareness

Indigo Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Indigo Ribbon:
Awareness for targeted individuals (bullying, harassment, stalking, systematic harassment/stalking, etc.)

Pink Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Pink Ribbon:
Breast Cancer Awareness

Orange Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Orange Ribbon:
Leukemia Awareness
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness


Sky Blue Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Sky Blue Ribbon:
Prostate Cancer Awareness

Puzzle Pattern Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Puzzle Pattern Ribbon:
Autism Awareness

Teal Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Teal Ribbon:
Cervical Cancer Awareness
Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Anxiety Disorders Awareness

Blue Paisley Pattern Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Blue Paisley Pattern Ribbon:
Thyroid Health Awareness

Gold Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Gold Ribbon:
Childhood Cancer Awareness

Jade Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Jade Ribbon:
Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer Awareness

Silver Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Silver Ribbon:
Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Parkinson's Disease Awareness
Brain Disorders & Disability Rights Awareness

Lime Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Lime Ribbon:
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Awareness

Burgundy Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Burgundy Ribbon:
Adults with Disabilities Awareness

Purple Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Purple Ribbon:
Alzheimer's Awareness
Lupus Awareness
Fibromyalgia Awareness
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness
Migraine Awareness
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Green Awareness Ribbon Meaning

Green Ribbon:
Glaucoma Awareness
Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness
Mental Health Awareness
Cerebral Palsy Awareness
Aging Research Awareness
Celiac Disease Awareness
Lyme Disease Awareness
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